You will not find a better dance studio and this is why:

1. Care and Effort. The teachers' care and effort are beyond reproach. They invest their all into each and every child. They may only spend so many hours actually teaching the children dance but the work they put in behind the scenes is constant. They put their heart and soul into the studio.

2. Credentials. The teachers are well-trained, well-versed, experienced professionals; many with professional dance experience, collegiate education and/or degrees in dance and theater, and the requisite certifications to make sure that the children are getting the best and safest training possible.

3. Environment. In addition to the excellent expert dance training, Ratio fosters an environment of family, friendship, and fun. The children often have many extra-cirricular activities with the studio like appearances at local festivals, charity work, parades, in-house parties, etc.

4. Opportunities. The teachers at the studio are very well-connected in the dance community and can get your child where they want to be, from performing in a local recital to dancing across the country under the big lights. They know what it takes because they've done it.

5. People. This isn't last because it's least important and this list could go on for quite awhile with other glowing reviews but, in a nutshell, the members of the staff are just good people...and they run the business like good business people. You won't have to deal with unnecessary drama or surly personalities here. They are friendly, very well organized, and communicate everything to parents efficiently and well in advance of important dates. This is not standard at many dance studios. Ratio is simply a good business run by good people.

If you have any young boy or girl interested in dancing, choosing Ratio is really a no-brainer. The combination of all of the above-mentioned benefits that Ratio offers is unmatched by any other studio in the area. Choose Ratio. You will be glad you did.

—  Ratio Dance Academy & Company Parent

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